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Move to Fort McMurray with a 2 year plan. What could go wrong?

Rig Pigs is a satirical comedy about living in the boomtown atmosphere of Fort McMurray in the high of the 2008 boom.


After losing everything in a nasty divorce, David moves to Fort McMurray on the advice of his friend Steve, but struggles with the unique challenges he finds once he arrives. Finding a good job, decent housing and dating all have challenges strangely unique to the area that David was not prepared for. Will he stay or go back home?

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  • David's Rant

    • August 10th, 2016
    • 720p
  • Blooper Reel

    • August 8th, 2016
    • 1080p

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Zenon Campbell
actor actor
Rodney Heatherington
actor actor
Amanda Campbell
actor actor
Teresa Anderton
actor actor
Kseniia Piquette
actor actor

Our crew is a talented bunch

We could not have produced this show without the countless hours of hard work from our dedicated crew.

    Producer: Teresa Anderton
    Asst Director: Patrick Hampton
    Camera Operators: John Palaganas & Andrew Phillip
    Key grip: David Anderton
    Location Sound: Nick Shostak & Aaron Macri
    Makeup: Amber Prepchuk & Ruth Bancroft
    Post audio: Geoff Manchester

Beyond our regular crew was a small army of dedicated friends who helped pull everything together. From crafting props to critiquing scripts and set dress, we would like to acknowledge the contributions of these friends.

    Margo Devaney
    JT & Tracy Breckon
    Gillian Stewart
        James Harbinson
        Michelle Stanley
        Dave Boutilier
        Thunderstruck Improv
        Eden Boutilier
        Joanne Moore

      Did we mention the extras?

      Laughing on cue, for repeated takes. Dressing far more silly then they were aware. Patiently waiting for camera to be ready for their scenes. They are often overlooked, but are vitally important.

        Ash Gordey
        Robyn Yanick
        John Piquette
        David Anderton
        Kaleb Stoke
        Justin Wandga
        Clint Langejans
        Ben Fahy
        Edwin Naidu
        Enrique Cruz
        John Makuch
        Christopher Mcrae
        Blair Scott
        Kelly Arbour
        Alex Mitchell
        JT Brechon
        Mike Watt


A very special THANK YOU to Telus OptikTV Storyhive for developing such a great community focused funding program.

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